“The CIS team allocated resources sensibly, adapted to shifting needs, and very importantly, respected the budget. This is a key factor in offering my recommendation. Understanding and controlling costs while managing a labour disruption can be a challenge”


Wilf Curtis
V.P. Risk Management
Masonite International Corp.






“The pre-strike contingency plan brought an awful lot of issues to the table that we hadn’t really had the chance to think of before: things that if missed, could have hurt us right from the start of the strike action.”


Wayne Huska
Southern Ontario Terminals Manager
Lafarge Canada Inc.




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The 3 Biggest Frustrations You Will Have When Planning For A Labour Strike Are:

  • Trusting that the Strike Management Company you select will provide the service they promise.
  • Believing that an untried, untested and unproven contingency plan will work.
  • Knowing whether the company you select will prove to be more problematic than helpful should a labor strike materialize.

Without the proper focus on these three issues, you can end up with a strike that takes on a life of it’s own. This can lead to property damage and ultimately violence.


A mismanaged strike can escalate beyond the issues at hand and can ultimately run costs and operating losses to a point well above anyone’s expectations.


At C.I.S. we help protect you from these pitfalls through our unique step-by-step process of planning for the contingencies of a strike action. Having managed strikes for over 18 years, we have compiled enough “what if” and “how to “ scenarios to help anticipate almost any direction your strike can take.





It Only Takes ONE Issue To Push Your Negotiations To The Picket Line.


Don’t Go Into A Strike Without A “Bullet Proof” Pre-Strike Contingency Plan.


We have created our “Pre-Strike Contingency Planning Workbook” which allows you to better prepare yourself over the next few months. That deadline will be here before you know it, and the better educated you are, the more effective you will be.


To request your FREE COPY of the "Pre-Strike Contingency Planning Workbook" simply contact us at 1-800-561-0574 and we will courier you a copy today.







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