"The reporting that happened every single day; it's completeness as to what happened the day before and especially the details on the activities that needed to be taken care of or had already been taken care of---that's what stands out in my mind as the one thing that proved CIS was on top of our strike constantly."


Stu Mckechnie

Manager Operations

Ivaco Rolling Mills





“We actually came to an early settlement and it was the pre-strike contingency plan that made a huge difference. The plan was 95% responsible in making that happen. From the start it was evident that the plan was specific to our needs, there was no cookie-cutter aspect to any part of it”


Brad Aasen
Food Distribution Company
Saskatchewan, Canada





Replacement Workers


“The biggest objections corporate clients have to bringing in replacement workers is: the fear of union retaliation, the perceived cost of hiring them and the misconception of causing permanent damage to the employer/ employee relationship”.

Guy Parent




The question of duration and survival are almost always the underlying issues during the pre-strike planning stage. As a Corporation you have the right to keep machines running during a strike. Should production stop, and you cease to operate, manufacture, or deliver goods, you run the risk of causing irreparable harm to the customer/vendor relationship that took years to cultivate or worse… losing it all.

Where an alternative cannot be found, the temporary hiring of Replacement Personnel could be your only practical option.

CIS has provided Labour Unrest service since 1988. Due to demands, in 1994 we dedicated a Placement Division to serve our clients with their transportation, trucking and both skilled or unskilled replacement personnel needs.

Contact: Chris Forbes, Manager of Placement Services for more information on this program.



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