“We were amazed and impressed with both the speed of the response and the quality of their strategic advice. From our first planning meeting we knew that this was the company that we would work with.”


Anne Kircos
Human Resources Manager





"CIS was very good at helping us strategize and manage the strike from my end. They showed me the economics of one way vs. another and every time they were proven right."


Stu Mckechnie

Manager Operations

Ivaco Rolling Mills






Tactical Protection


Regardless of your level of confidence in getting a contract signed before the deadline, a pre-strike contingency plan is imperative in safeguarding the continuation of your business.



The workshop consists of a ½ day Pre-Strike Logistics Planning WORKSHOP symposium designed to provide our clients with a view of what to expect and how to best plan in the event of a worse case scenario. Even those who have endured strikes in the past have found the learning experience an extremely valuable planning tool.



Upon physically reviewing your facility, recommendations are provided to ensure the safe conduct of all persons during the strike event. Recommendations made are specific in addressing a strike. The written results of this security analysis can easily be included as part of your Emergency Procedures Policy Manual



It should be noted that no 2 facilities offer the same logistic advantages while planning for a strike. As a result of the Site Visit and the resulting analysis, an Action Plan will be provided in writing and discussed in person with those management personnel assigned as responsible for the facility should a strike arise.



A comprehensive daily costing analysis is provided for your review. It is always beneficial to have the finer monetary details revealed so that you can make an educated choice in comparing the service provider you select. As always, your C.I.S. Management Team is available to meet with your every issue.



Finding the right tradesmen, skilled or unskilled, is a full time commitment. From screening to hiring, the process of providing temporary personnel dedicated to strike efforts is a cautious process and not recommended to be left to the last minute. Your transportation requirements should also be discussed at this time.



Transportation of management and product is paramount to ensuring that striking employees have a job to return to after the strike action is over. It is recommended that the preparation of these logistics is done well in advance in the event that this contingency proves necessary.



In the final 4 weeks, C.I.S. will review with you the status of all preparations made as a result of the Action Plan for your Security Team, Transportation and Management Briefings on the Safety issues necessary to be considered should the deadline result in a strike action.


You are negotiating to ‘The Wire’. You are confident that all your preparations have been made and that all services you require are in place awaiting the final outcome of your negotiations.







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