“Having the truck drivers briefed and coached before ever crossing the picket line for that first time allowed them to proceed safely and efficiently. There is a definite process to follow and CIS made sure everyone knew exactly what to expect and exactly what was expected of them”.


Wayne Huska
Southern Ontario Terminals Manager
Lafarge Canada Inc.





“We actually came to an early settlement and it was the pre-strike contingency plan that made a huge difference. The plan was 95% responsible in making that happen. From the start it was evident that the plan was specific to our needs, there was no cookie-cutter aspect to any part of it”


Brad Aasen
Food Distribution Company
Saskatchewan, Canada








Transportation is as integral a part of a strike as security and safety are.

The logistics of putting an effective transportation program together relies upon the depth, reliability and efficiency of the driver pool.


The transportation program is headed under it’s own division manager, Chris Forbes, who heads the exclusive service to CIS as an in-house placement agency.


CIS supply the demand for all classes of drivers and all classification of vehicles to include Train Engineers and Brakemen, Heavy Equipment Operators, AZ Tractor drivers,
buses and vans of every classification.


Where difficult situations may arise, specialized transportation to include helicopters, boats, passenger vans can also be acquired. Specialized equipment to include all types of heavy machinery.


In addition, cross docking facilities, warehousing, parcel delivery is sourced through CIS




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