“The pre-strike contingency plan brought an awful lot of issues to the table that we hadn’t really had the chance to think of before: things that if missed, could have hurt us right from the start of the strike action.”


Wayne Huska
Southern Ontario Terminals Manager
Lafarge Canada Inc.







"CIS was very good at helping us strategize and manage the strike from my end. They showed me the economics of one way vs. another and every time they were proven right."


Stu Mckechnie
Manager Operations
Ivaco Rolling Mills







Attending Our ½ Day Workshop Could Actually
Prevent That Strike From Happening

“Pre-Strike Contingency Planning Workshop”


Workshop Details:

1) Continuation of normal plant operations.
2) Transportation of raw & finished goods.
3) Transportation of management in and out of plant facilities.
4) Hiring & transportation of substitute workers.
5) Physical plant security preparedness IE:

  • Access Control
  • Fencing and Lighting
  • Closed Circuit T.V.
  • Contact with local emergency personnel

6) And much more highly sensitive information



*Due to the confidential nature of the material shared with our workshop attendees, C.I.S. reserves the right to validate the identity of all participants.


A fee of $99.00 per person will be invoiced upon validation and confirmation.

For Details on our next workshop please contact ethompson@gumshoes.com or call Elaine directly at 1-800-561-0574

To register for our next workshop please contact workshops@gumshoes.com


Don’t Let The Allure Of Time Let That Deadline Catch You Off Guard.

By Being Prepared Well In Advance, Your Negotiations May Take On A More Conciliatory Tact.




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